Not Knitting Now


Here is the yellow sweater. I started it way back in July, I think. I've made slow progress ,which got slower daily. My left hand kept cramping. I'd shake it out. Then, my whole forearm started hurting. Finally, I had excruciating pain in my elbow. When I knit. When I keyboarded. When I lifted a glass of water. When I lifted a child. When I pushed a stroller or a grocery cart. When I swept the floor. When I folded laundry.

Finally, I pretty much couldn't even get my arm to do those things. 

And now, I can't knit. or any of those other things. I can type with one hand. It's not very efficient.

The yellow sweater will wait, probably until the spring. And I will feel so badly, because Katie loves this sweater. It barely fits her now. It's not going to fit in the spring. Karoline has to feel pretty lucky to be the kid who gets the too-big sweaters and the too-small sweaters.

Ever since I learned to knit, my morning routine has been much the same. I knit and listen to the Bible on audio. It is a beautiful way to start the day

In all honesty, I hate the fact that this injury has rocked my morning rhythm. I'm a better mom with my Bible and my knitting. Starts my day in a very good way. We're getting after some pretty aggressive therapy, so hopefully, I'll be able to knit when we drive to Florida in January. In the meantime, handmade Christmas gifts will be of the sewn or baked variety. 

And my morning routine will embrace Lisa Hendey's new book, a candle, a notebook and the commitment to do some journaling in my own handwriting, with my right hand and a pretty pen. I do love this book. I've reviewed it in depth in my latest column. And  I recently talked with Lisa about the book on a Faith and Family podcast.

Thus ends my last Yarn Along for awhile. I'll miss you all! Go visit Ginny for more knitting and reading.