Giveaway Winners

The Loreto Rosaries Winner is... Josie!
Bronze rosary turquoise jasper

Josie said...

These are such beautiful works of art; thank you for introducing us to Loreto Rosaries. My favorite rosary would be the Mother of Good Counsel bronze woman's rosary.


The Saint Luke's Brush Winner is... Mary Beth!

Saint Nicholas giveaway piece

Mary Beth said...

One of our favourite traditions is the family sleepover by the Christmas tree. We haul mattresses, sleeping bags & pillows down the stairs & hunker down for the night. We have snacks aplenty, read Christmas stories & maybe watch a movie together. Not so restful for the grownups, but it's making wonderful memories for our 4 kids!

The Fat Quarter Shop Winner is... Sarah!


Sarah said...

Ah, fabric. How can you NOT love it?? My favorite right now is linen. Yum. My girls adore quilt squares of all variety and they tend to steal them away as play things! I guess I'll just take it as instilling the love of all things textile at a young age!

The Give Jewelry Bracelets $250 Gift Certificate Winner is... Chari!


Chari said...

My absolute favorite bracelet is the silver and blue topaz.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for this opportunity (& to Give Jewelry!) and for introducing me to this company!


Will the winners please email me with snail mail adresses? Email at intheheartofmyhome at gmail dot com