Never Enough Fabric, Right? (it's a giveaway)


When I first started sewing, I was sort of a stash snob. What I mean is I really thought people who stashed piles of fabric were clutterbugs. I figured that it was probably best to find a project and then buy fabric for it. Clearly, I didn't understand fabric. I didn't understand that I could fall so in love with fabric that I'd dream about it and then POOF! it would go out of stock. Then, I'd have to start a long involved quest to find just enough for what I dreamt. I also didn't really understand the creative impulse that can sometimes sweep over one  (or one's children) unexpectedly. The machine begins its sweet, alluring song, just the right project presents itself, and bummer, no fabric. Have to order. And wait. Hate that.


So, now I stash with the best of them. I moved another couple of rows of very dated media and production guides out of what used to be called Mike's office and decorated the shelves with stacks of lovely color. I like to sit in the chair across from the shelves and just inhale deeply. Love that cotton smell. Fabric makes me happy. And the promise of creating beautiful things with fabric makes me smile a hopeful smile.


The Fat Quarter Shop is offering to give away $50 worth of fabric. That is fifty dollars towards stashing something amazing. Something that might not be there next year. Something beautiful and inspiring and, well, happy.



What would you stash if you could? What are your favorites in your fabric stash? I really want to know--because suddenly, I'm sort of obsessed with fabric.



Oh, and speaking of tucking it away now, while it's available, and you're thinking about it, have you clicked around The Christmas Cloth Store? It might make you behave really irresponsibly and drop everything you thought you should be doing the week before Christmas in order to make something pretty terrific with Christmas Fabric (which I have stashed with reckless abandon, by the way).


Stashing. It's a good thing. And pretty, too.

Leave a comment. Win some fabric:-)