An Old Favorite in a Brand New Place


I'm pleased to be visiting at Suscipio today. Suscipio is  new website founded for the encouragement of Catholic women. The contributors write:


We are single, married, mothers, grandmothers… We strive to make God the Father the habitual guide and help of our lives because we know, with Him we can do all things.  We offer a place of comfort and rest for those whom we love. We also need the support and encouragement of our sisters in Christ. Our souls are tender, our hearts thoughtful and some days we just need a place to go and know we are accepted “as is”…Suscipio, Latin for: to raise up, maintain, support, accept, receive.

You are in the right place…stay awhile.

It surely is a beautiful place and the invitation to stay is gracious and welcome. They've chosen an old favorite from my archives today. Do come by and visit us there. And stay awhile:-).