We interrupt the regularly scheduled homeschool day

 to write testimonies for the boys to read tomorrow in front of the Full Education Committee in Richmond. We're all about House Bill 947, which would allow homeschoolers to play high school sports. I'm a little nervous about what they'll find when they get there. The Virginia PTA has sent out the following to all PTA presidents:

Coming soon to your team - students that don'tgo to your school!- HB 947 will allow non-public school students to play on public school teams
- Participation on athletic teams is a privilege that should be reserved for the public school students
- What's next? Drama, debate, electives?
Let them know that public school is your choice and team sports are a privilege you earned and expect them to protect.

I guess they don't know that homeschoolers are their neighbors and not dangerous aliens from another planet. I guess they don't understand that they will enhance the experience of the kids on the team. I guess they think that Nease High School would have been better off if Tim Tebow hadn't been allowed to play there. I do wonder what the folks in Ponte Vedra think. Oh wait, my family lives there. I know what they think. 

God willing, we're going to Richmond. I know for a fact that both the soccer and basketball coaches at my local school would think coaching my boys to be the privilege.

Directions to the capitol and parking here. Contact your legislator here.