Weekend Clicking

I've got the pink box working on the sidebar--sort of. I can share posts from my blog reader there. There are some good things loaded up there now:-). I still haven't been able to make the bookmarklet work so that I can share from other places on the web. Here are few places that you might like to click over and visit this weekend.

10 Ways to Get the Right Guy to Like You. This is a cute video done by a teenaged (early 20?) boy for girls. I smiled all the way through when Mary Beth shared it with me.  Wise boy.

Lisa Hendey is traveling to Israel. And she's carrying a heavy prayer load.

I'm  a huge fan of Msgr. Pope. Here is the homily from the Teen Mass before the March for Life. Not to be missed.

The "I Hate Religion" guy? Jimmy Akin has a word or two for him here.

I cried through this one. What a Parent Wants to Say Before a Child Leaves.

And this. The Father carries us across the finish line. It's hard not to be discouraged as we run this race. Life is most definitely a marathon. This image is such a powerful one.

How to keep your house clean doing one big chore a day. Sigh. I so can't do laundry only once a week;-)

Even as I appreciate her honesty and empathize just a beginning bit with the pain she must feel as he father's mind slips away, I wish I could share with her that there is value in suffering and grace in the pain. 

And finally, as bright sun shines in late January and the weather is positively balmy, Ten Ways to Make a Walk more Fun. Time to get outside with the kiddos!