Delighted! {And a Giveaway}

Once upon a time, I learned to knit. And I started blogging knitting. I was happy in my little knitting world. My friend Sarah said insisted she wanted to learn to sew. I tried to talk her out of it. I told her sewing with little people around was totally impractical and completely un-doable. I sent her pictures of darling handknits. And finally, we agreed we'd do both. We'd learn to knit and to sew. 

Then she got pregnant. :-)

I didn't. :-(

I teased her that I'd knit and sew enough for both of us. Worked for her. I promised--PROMISED-- a baby quilt. February seemed so far off. I had plenty of time. I ordered fabric before Christmas. I knew I'd get it done as soon as we got back from Disney. So, Sarah said the baby wouldn't come until the quilt was finished. 


I got started late last week. Around 40 weeks and 2 days. Imagine my panic on Saturday when I discovered, much to my dismay, that I'd made a pretty major cutting mistake. On Saturday. Late. Before two days of postal holiday. Oh, dear. That meant that if I ordered fabric, the soonest it would go out was Tuesday. it meant that I would definitely order from the place with the fastest shipping I know.  Even still,  I wouldn't get it until Thursday and then I'd sew Friday and Saturday and maybe mail it Monday. Poor Sarah. Baby stuck all that time...

Baby quilt2

I sewed and cut everything I could without the new fabric. And I rearranged the week to make sure that as soon as it comes, I'll stitch like crazy. And there it stayed, in my dining room, taunting me. She said she wouldn't have a baby without a quilt. 

Alas, baby girl was thinking no such nonsense. She didn't need a quilt to make her entrance. She arrived just fine while the fabric was still in transit.

Everyone in the Foss house was Delighted to hear the news. Delighted, I tell you. And just as soon as the package arrives, containing more fabric from the Delighted line, we will go back to our regularly scheduled quilting. 


In the meantime, you might like to mosey over the Fat Quarter Shop. Currently, I'm looking at new fabric to make a quilt for our anniversary. I have a whole shelf full of fabric set aside for this purpose. However, I learned, much to my chagrin, that my sweet husband is not a fan that particular designer's fabric. {Please note: the fabric he doesn't like isn't pictured here. I won't post that because, regardless of whether he likes it, it's someone's art and it just doesn't feel right to post something negative about someone's art.} So,would you please take a look at this and this and this and {this with this} and tell me which you like best? If you leave a comment, you will be entered to win a Jelly Roll of lovely Sandhill plums fabric, compliments of the Fat Quarter Shop.