Happy Birthday, Stephen Thomas!

Disney statue

How your name saint, St. Thomas More, must be smiling at the way you are spending your thirteenth birthday! You spent the morning in the General Assembly Building in Richmond, supporting a bill that will allow homeschoolers to play high school sports. You supported Patrick as he testified. Delegate Ramadan personally escorted you to the after party meeting following the victory that got that bill out of committee! For the afternoon, you and your brothers will be introduced to full General Assembly. 

How perfect. How totally YOU.

You are a statesman. You see yourself as a modern day Thomas Jefferson in soccer cleats. And you love Virginia. Oh, how you love Virginia! (The Commonwealth and The University--you've already picked out your locker.)

Uva locker

It is 11:11 as I write. And I can't help but think of that day thirteen years ago, right about this time. Ever the Super Bowl baby (I just spent half an hour trying to search my own archives for Stephen's birth story. Surely I've written it here? Prize to the the first person who finds it), you are still and always Superman. Certainly, you are doing things in the superlative today.

I love you, buddy!

Tea party