Hear Ye! Hear Ye!



Nicholas Foss got a haircut yesterday. Then, he went all the way to Richmond late last night. He got up super early. He wore a tie. He represented. But he didn't get a turn to talk. Please hear what Nicky had to say and leave him a comment. Thanks ever so much.


My name is Nicholas Foss. I am 11 years old and in the 5th grade. My mom and dad teach me at home. But some of the most important lessons I learn, I learn from my big brothers. I have four big brothers and four sisters. I am the youngest boy. 


I have watched my brothers play sports all my life. Michael played soccer when he was my age and I watched him play up through college at George Mason.  Patrick plays soccer, too. He’s played at the highest level possible in this country. I went to visit him last year when he was playing with the US National Team and living in Florida. I went to Charlottesville with him last fall when he committed to playing for UVA.


I play soccer, too. I’m a goalkeeper for a Division 1 travel team in McLean.


My brother Christian was a champion basketball player. One of the most fun games I’ve ever watched was when Christian was the MVP of the State Championship last year. Even though he was homeschooled, Leesburg Christian let him play on their team. And I think he won that championship for them.  Our local high school basketball team was terrible. They have never even had a winning season. I think they needed Christian.


Christian is my teacher in lots of ways. For the last five years, he has been my basketball coach.  Together, we’ve won championships in our local league. He loves basketball and so do I.


I know that very soon, I will have to choose between basketball and soccer. I’m pretty sure all my brothers think I’m better at basketball. And even though they don’t admit it, they all know I’m going to be the tallest in the family. But I know that if I play basketball, I will have to search for a place to play and that place will never give me the opportunities of a public high school.  Once I’m high school age, I won’t have good opportunities to play basketball if I’m homeschooled. If I play soccer, I can play all the way to the highest level if I’m good enough. I know this because I have watched my brothers.


Tim Tebow is my hero. He was homeschooled. He played high school sports in my grandmother’s neighborhood. I’ve been there. I don’t think anyone in that whole town is sorry they let him play.


If you pass this bill, I can choose the sport that is best for me. My brothers will all be so happy because I will get to do what they always wanted to do. I will get to see just how far I can go no matter what sport.