In the Moment on Monday

I find myself:

::praying earnestly

Elizabeth DeHority has been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. Because she is very immunosuppressed, this is particulary troublesome. Pray with me? I'll keep you updated as I get information. She doesn't have her phone right now, but I expect she will be all wired to the world soon.

::noticing God's glory

It's winter, at least for few days. I'm okay with that unless it kills the already sprouting tulips in my front bed. That would be so sad. I think this is the week to plan my garden. I have no idea how to plan a garden. But I know who to ask...


::listening to 

Quiet just now. Much appreciated quiet.


::clothing myself in 

Jeans and a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt. The Monday uniform?


::giving thanks for

public school friends who take the time to write letters in favor of the Tebow bill. Even more, I'm grateful that they've taken the time to assure me--despite the ugly noise to the contrary--that we are welcome and they don't see the polarizing divisions being propogated by teacher's unions and PTAs.


::pondering prayerfully


Think: "Take care not to meddle in things which do not concern you, nor even allow them to pass through your mind; for perhaps you will not then be able to fulfill your own task.-- St. John of the Cross

Pray: God, help me to keep my eyes—and my mind—on my own work. 

Act: Look at your reading, computer, and television habits. Eliminate those things which don’t truly concern you.


from Small Steps, February 6.  And yes, that link will take you to a page that let's you know that Small Steps is out of print. Makes me sad.


::clicking around these links

Hooray for the amazing Joy! Joy Messimer, that is. She's gotten me--and you--all hooked up with Delicious. So, there are live links on the sidebar once again. Joy rocks:-) 


::turning the pages of this book

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. I am now halfway through the first chapter. I started this book over two weeks ago. It has been a noisy, noisy fortnight in my house. Lots of unexpected flurry. I am so in need of quiet. Hoping and praying truly that this is the week.


::thinking thoughts as I go about my daily round

These thoughts linger. For quite some time--nearly two years--I have been on a bit of auto-pilot where home education is concerned and I've been more than disenchanted with Catholic homeschool support.  The creative, exuberant joy that I'd always known in home education was clouded in my sorrow.  In the past couple of weeks, as I have been called to defend almost incessantly the way that we live, I'm falling in love all over again, for the deeply held personal reasons that were the genesis of this life's journey more than two decades ago. I'm grateful beyond words for that grace. It's like spring rain.


::creating by hand

A quilt for Sarah's baby. Which will come first? Quilt or baby? Go with baby--that's a very safe bet. Praying, praying, praying for Sarah.


::learning lessons in

asthma management. Seriously? Is there anything new to learn? Apparently so. My sweet Sarah Annie has given us quite a fright this month. And there, my friends, goes the last of the wood fires in my house. Fortunately that fireplace has all the underpinning to be converted to gas.


::encouraging learning 

in the pages of picture books. Katie and Nicky have programs of study based almost solely on the picture books in our home. I hope to share the details of that with you next week. (I know, I said that last week. I'm working on it. Really, I am.)


::carefully cultivating rhythm

Hah! Right now, in this moment, nothing extraordinary is on the books for this week. Perhaps we can settle into that rhythm now?


::keeping house

Mike is working diligently at relocating all the books from our library closet so that the girls can have a "dressing room." We have grand plans for a considerable amount of painting, fabric-ing, repurposing, and renovating. This house is ten years old, but three times the average number of people live here. Does that make it 30 years old? Sort of.


::crafting in the kitchen 

It's nearly Lent. Pantry purge and reorganization to happen today. Whole foods restocking to happen later this week. Looking at a wheat-free Eastern Catholic fast.  But first, these gooey, yummy, goodies for my honey for tomorrow.


::loving the moments

when I get to sew with beautiful girls. Hilary, Paddy's girlfriend, joined me in the sewing room yesterday. She made herself a scarf. And I think she was pretty pleased with herself. She was also amused that Paddy came in to take her picture. And Mike came in to take her picture. And Mary Beth came in to take her picture. And the little girls used HIlary's phone to take her picture...  You know, when the New York Times was here last week, the photographer commented that my children were perfectly at ease in front of the camera. Perhaps that comes with a blogging mom? My family apparently thinks it's totally normal to document with a camera every. thing. we. do.

Hilary sews

::living the liturgy

Preparing for Lent. I love Lent. Is that weird?


::planning for the week ahead

Well, I've got well-planned lessons, a meal plan, a chore chart, a fully penciled-in planner, and a prayer commitment. Now, I'm just going to hold on for dear life. {I said that two weeks ago. I had no idea how hard I was going to have to hold on.}


::capturing the images of my days

Scarf fabric for all the girlies in my life. I sort of envisioned a Sunday afternoon sewing-fest. We got started yesterday, but we've barely made a dent in that pile. It's going to be a weeklong adventure instead.