Leap Day Giveaway!


An extra day in February means that there's one more day for a February giveaway. May I make a confession here? I don't like Easter grass. Actually, I detest it. Multiply one shred of paper or plastic "grass" times a basket full of it, times NINE and oh-my-stars! it's just a giant mess. And why? So I admit that I often line baskets with something other than fake grass.

Something like silk:-).

Isn't it pretty? And then, when Easter is over, those silks become amazing playthings, over and over again, affording hours of limitless imaginative happy. 

Sarahs silks

Sarah's Silks is offering you a chance to win three playsilks. You choose the color. Become a fan or leave a message on the Sarah's Silks Facebook page and then come back and leave a comment.  You  might win a wonderful alternative to Easter grass;-).

Oh, and here's a coupon available to everyone:


What will go in your Easter baskets? Might it be a silk and wood childhood?