Weekend Clicking

The Google Share feature is fickle. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, I've been gathering some links here to share with you all at once. So if you have a little time for browsing this weekend, here some good places to go.

First, put away that guilt;-). In the comments here, there was a bit of a discussion of "mom-bloggging" guilt being the new brand of Catholic guilt. The Vatican encourages the presence of Catholics online. The Patheos piece is interesting and the comments are enlightening, but I don't think I agree with the author's perception of the blogosphere or the commenters' notions of moms who blog. (I do, of course, think we need to moderate our online time. I write about that particular topic all. the. time.)

And, to dovetail nicely with that, The Catholic Herald has highlighted some Catholic mom bloggers in a nice local piece. Click away; chances are good you'll find new inspiration.

Now, back away from your computer and pick up your camera. Kim has more weekend photo tips (from last weekend) and here's another quick tutorial

This is here, just because I didn't want to forget how much I want to make this bag this weekend. But I think I won't. Because I've started piecing a quilt for someone's bundle of joy. And that somoone keeps sending me texts about things like twinges and timaeable contractions. The bag can wait. Baby quilt, no?

Here's an interesting article about why adolescence seems to last forever these days. Did I mention that I know have four teenagers under roof. Um, yeah. I do.

Here's one about being married in sickness and health. I read this one with great interest because I've watched a similar situation in real life. "We cannot glibly dismiss her struggle, but neither can we exempt her from what God has permitted and gives her the grace to accept. Life is not always what we wish, but God can grant us a serenity and a courage to face life’s trials with faith and fidelity to the vows and commitments we have made."

Here's an open letter written by an 18-year-old to President Obama about the HHS mandate. Oh, but that all teenagers, could be so articulate and thoughtful.

I was going to highlight this one in pink and tell you how please I am that Susan G. Komen has decided not to fund Planned Parenthood. But now, that's old new already. Instead, I'll link to Kate Wicker, who highlights BlogHer's position on the whole matter and tells us about her courageous decision.

On a lighter note, this post  is pretty funny. Disclaimer: I totally love Pinterest. It's a fun dose of eye candy, a good source of recipes, a plethora of happy ideas. I like it way better than Twitter, which I keep trying to like, but fail miserably. Like the candy it is, I keep it in its place and I take a pretty healthy dose of realism along with my Pin Candy. This post cracked me up and I admit, I followed some of those pin links and pinned them myself.:-) 

Kelly never fails to strike a kindred spirit chord with me. I love this piece about how motherhood is really a total immersion project.

Please remember to continue to pray for Elizabeth DeHority. Follow this link for an update and then be sure to follow her link to see a most amazing video.

Finally, I think this piece is the perfect one to read as we look forward to Lent. I'm reading, re-reading and then journaling and praying. It's as visually beautiful as it is thought-provoking.