In the Moment: Monday Afternoon in Early March

I find myself:

::praying earnestly

It took me a little longer to find a Lenten prayer rhythm this year. Happily, though, I have settled into a good one now. It's amazing the difference in, well, everything!

"Sunset tonight. #Pretty #Sunset #NicksPics"

::noticing God's glory

It's snowing outside! So silly, this weather. The snow is light and won't stick at all. It's going to be 70 degrees by Friday. We appear to have skipped winter.


::listening to 

Nick singing while he cleans up after lunch.


::clothing myself in 

Jeans, a white T-shirt, a red sweater, blue cashmere socks made by Elizabeth deHority--they remind me to pray for Elizabeth and to pray for Ann Voskamp, who is wearing similarly handmade socks on a big adventure today.

 "Girls having a bakesale today. It's freezing though so who knows if anyone will come. #Cold #Bakesale #Girls #Stephenspics"

::giving thanks for

public school friends who take the time to write letters in favor of the Tebow bill. Even more, I'm grateful that they've taken the time to assure me--despite the ugly noise to the contrary--that we are welcome and they don't see the polarizing divisions being propogated by teacher's unions and PTAs.

I wrote that nearly a month ago. I'm even more grateful now. The bill died in the senate and we've certainly had our eyes opened to the politics of public education. We've also been loved and encouraged by friends who children in public schools.

"Sarah Annie wearing her 'pink fweater'. Yes, she was wearing a sundress yesterday, waddup with this weather VA? #weather #cutie #sweater #pink #marybethspics"

::pondering prayerfully

the daily Lenten prompts.


::clicking around these links

Hooray for the amazing Joy! Joy Messimer, that is. She's gotten me--and you--all hooked up with Delicious. So, there are live links on the sidebar once again. Joy rocks:-)

 "Fall leaves and sidewalk marked for construction. #Fall #Leaves #Sidewalk #Marybethspics"


::turning the pages of this book

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. I finished this book and passed it along toMichael. I think it's a great, great read for anyone who is an introvert or loves an introvert or works with introverts. The chapters dedicated to parenting quiet children were especially insightful.

And now, I'm reading the Meghan Method, which was suggested in the combox here a week or so again. Thanks for the suggestion! It's exactly what I needed--a pretty thorough education in practical interior desing and ecorating from the comfort of my own home. No more random clicking through Pinterest and design blog in pursuit of the perfect picture to try to parlay into reality. Whe I finish this book, I will have a rock solid PLAN. And that happens to be exactly what my husband asked of me.


::thinking thoughts as I go about my daily round

I am astonished at what a big difference it makes to have Mike home on the weekends. For nearly all my married life, the default mode has been for him to be gone. Now, he's home. And I am not exagerrating when I tell you it feels as much like a holiday as Christmas (without all the work). It's amazing! Makes Monday feel totally different, too. 

"USoccer. #US #Soccer #NicksPics"

::creating by hand

A quilt for Sarah's baby. Oh my goodness! Have you seen that beautiful baby?! The quilt top is all finished and the batting and backing are basted. But I can't persuade my machine to quilt. I might have just come up with a very expensive solution. Maybe. And it would help me make Easter dresses more efficiently, too. And drapes? Right?


::learning lessons in

sewing! I'm working my way through Apparel Sewing Basics with Liesl Gibson, watching it again and again while I sew. I've got fabric all read for Easter dresses and for a quilt for the family room. Oh, and remember how I was trying to decide on fabric for an anniversary quilt? Here's a hint to part of the plan:


I'm so excited about that project that I'm giddy! 

::encouraging learning 

in the pages of picture books. Katie and Nicky have programs of study based almost solely on the picture books in our home. We're having some serious fun with this all of a sudden. 


 "Frenchbraided Sarah's hair this morning. #Cutie #Frenchbraids #Marybethspics"

::carefully cultivating rhythm

Things have become more rhythmic, thank God. The soccer schedule is back to routine. Basketball playoffs are over. Two routine pediatrician appointments turned out to be not routine after all last week and I'm trying hard not to let the followups rock my world too much. Clinging to peace for all its worth these days. It's worth a lot.


::keeping house

Mike is working diligently at relocating all the books from our library closet so that the girls can have a "dressing room." We have grand plans for a considerable amount of painting, fabric-ing, repurposing, and renovating. This house is ten years old, but three times the average number of people live here. Does that make it 30 years old? Sort of.

All of this is still true as it was last time I checked in. We're making progress. Mike and Christian came up with some brilliant ideas last weekend. It's slow going but we are going. And that's all good. In the meantime, the birghter days have predictably inspired me to clean and declutter. That too, is slow going--there are just so many people needs that the housekeeping needs slide around a bit. But pretty soon, the NCAA tournament begins. That's annual laundry catch up time, you know.

And furniture. I really, really want to paint some furniture this week. 


"Sarah! #selfie #cutie #marybethspics"

::crafting in the kitchen 

Sigh. I've gotten super serious about attacking autoimmune disease from a dietary perspective in conjunction with necessary medications. The good news is I feel quite a bit better! The bad news is I'm starving;-). So, grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, legume-free, potato-free: who has great ideas for things to eat? I'm really eager to hear your suggestions.


::loving the moments

When we are filled to overflowing around the dining room table. 


"Sarah doing 'school'. #sarah #school #superspics"

::living the liturgy

I have my iPod set to chime to remind me to pray the Hours. This, this is a beautiful rhythm by which to live my days.

 "Old converse, so I drew on them. #converse #cityscape #marybethspics"

::planning for the week ahead

Let's see. I've got referrals for followups, so we'll see when I can schedule appointments. Mary Beth has a quick performance Wednesday night and then she leaves for a dance competition. The weekend is incredibly crammed. Katie has an all-star game at the Verizon Center. Paddy has two matches. Stephen and Nicky both have soccer tournaments. 


"Got my haircut(: #hairband #haircut #marybethspics"

::capturing the images of my days

Today's photos are taken from the children's Instagram accounts. I found it fun to look through and see things from their perspective--what inspires picture taking, what they see from behind their lenses, and how they caption. They take the photos with Ipods--pretty cool technology.

Below, a little video that Mary Beth took while I was out picking up referrals and prescriptions this morning. Most of the time, we call Mary Beth "Bee." Sarah calls her "Bee Bee," which is funny because that's what my little sister called me. I left them playing and told them Bee was here if they needed anything. Apparently, they "needed" to get going with their own "school" day and didn't want to wait for anyone to facilitate it for them.