Intentional Weekend: A Little Easter Sewing

First, it's not too late:-)!

I put up a quick picture of the girls' dresses on Thursday afternoon because I was so darn excited that I could hardly contain myself. I LOVE these dresses and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with these patterns.  Several people asked for specifics. It's definitely not too late to do this. I ordered patterns from Oliver  + S on Sunday evening and got a box of them on Thursday. The patterns are also available on Amazon. I'll link to both for you. There are still two weeks left until Easter. Go for it.

I let the girls choose their own fabric and I'm tickled at how each dress really does reflect the personality of its own little girl. Of course, this charm may be a bit less lustrous when we hand down, but I won't think about that until next year.DSC_0397

I can't say enough wonderful things about the Oliver + S pattern. Liesl Gibson, designer, is a master teacher. The directions and drawings were flawless. Putting these dresses together was pure joy.  I made three dresses in four days without pulling a cranky, irritable sewing marathon. (And this is the first time I've ever sewn dresses for my girls...) It's all about the pattern, girls. I'm telling you--a great pattern is everything.


Katie's Dress


Oliver + S Ice Cream  Dress

(available at Oliver + S and at Amazon)

Size 12

Heather Bailey Freshcut Cotton in Watermelon Jelly Bean

Heather Bailey Pop Garden Rose Bouquet in Peach This one was in my stash--and I have a lot left, which might be good because Kristin was eyeing Katie's dress and thinking it just might fit her. 

Karoline's Dress



Oliver + S Ice Cream  Dress

(available at Oliver + S and at Amazon)

Size 5

Bonnie and Camille Ruby Cotton Sherbet Jitterbug

Bonnie and Camille Ruby Cotton Swoon 

Pockets are Delighted 


Sarah's Dress


Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

(available at Oliver + S and at Amazon)

Size 3T 

Twirl Spinning Pink Twirling Flowers Cotton

Twirl Spinning Pink Mini Twirls Cotton

Twirl Spinning Pink Twirly Dots Cotton


Please, please: if you make Easter dresses (or any dresses; or anything else at all) come back and let me know. I'm so loving talking sewing and my family would be really grateful for someone else to listen to me.