Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Hurry! Hurry! Now that Joy has done the amazing re-design here, we've freed up some space for additional sponsors. I meant to get this news out last week or the week before, but I dropped the ball. So, since I just realized that tomorrow's May already, I can't very well charge you for that whole month, can I? 

If you agree to sponsor this blog for the summer months--June, July, and August--May's on me! If you hurry, we can get you all set up tomorrow or the next day. That means, you get the whole month of May for free. And May is a 31 day month:-)

Sponsors here have been very happy and I'm very happy to have them. I love to share them with my readers and I'm so excited about introducing you to some new folks (or some new ventures for old friends) in the next few days.

Give me a shout at intheheartofmyhome AT gmail DOT com to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.