Hello iPhone; I think we're going to be great friends.

I got an iPhone yesterday afternoon. After doing extensive research (on Facebook, of course), I asked for a 4S. Honestly, the whole pesonal assistant idea held little appeal to me. I asked Siri if she'd do my laundry and she promptly listed 10 laundromats in the area. Clearly, her usefulness to me is limited.

No, I wanted a 4S because of the camera. Oh, what a camera!

And the whole reason I want a camera was for this wonderful app. Well, maybe that's not the whole reason. I sort of can't wait to share pictures with you here.


So happy.

First iPhone picture ever:


...from the van as we got on White's Ferry to cross the Potomac to get to soccer in Maryland. Using my cell phone! My cell phone! Can you believe it?!?