needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD


 I welcome you to needle and thREAD. What have you been sewing lately? Or are you embroidering? Pulling a needle with thread through lovely fabric to make life more beautiful somehow? Would you share with us just a single photo (or more) and a brief description of what you're up to? Will you tell us about what you're reading, also? Would you talk sewing and books with us? I'd love that so much.

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I've been trying to keep up with the Elsie Marley Kids Clothes Week Challenge this week. On Monday and Tuesday I made each of the little girls an Oliver + S Lazy Days Skirt (free pattern here). I didn't get any pictures before they insisted on wearing them today when we went visiting. So I snapped a few iPhone pictures as those skirts plunged into some bigtime fun.


(love that Anna Maria Horner ribbon:-)



(Heather Bailey fabric on both and I thought it was Riley Blake ribbon on Karoline but I can't find it on the site, so I don't remember where I got that ribbon.)

I did today's sewing with a friend at her house. I had a pressing, urgent alteration to attend to before Mary Beth dances this weekend. I have no idea how to sew or alter dance bodices. Together, Ginny and I brainstormed. I'm pretty sure Jonny had an idea or two, also.



Mary Beth was very amused by the two of us talking with our hands behind her and she snapped this one with her iPhone. She might think we're comical, but we came up with a really good idea.


And we put it into action. All good. (At least I think it is.)


I've been listening to Gretchen Rubin read The Happiness Project on my Kindle. It's perfect sewing listening. I very much enjoy hearing this author read her work. I feel like she's sitting in my sewing room telling me with great enthusiasm all the things she's been thinking lately. And I find myself smiling along with the smile in her voice. 

What are you up to this week?