Cool Kickstart:-)

So, I might be thinking that all fulltime Catholic missionaries are named Colleen. Chances are, you know my friend Colleen who is in Costa Rica. May I introduce you another Colleen? Colleen Nixon and her husband, Titus, go around doing speaking and music engagements in various parts of the country. You can read about their ministry here. Colleen writes her own music, and has a bee-yoo-tee-ful voice. (I have that on very good authority.) 

Like every good missionary, Colleen is looking for a little help from her friends. Let me let her explain:


So give to a good cause and good music!! Here are some of the rewards and their links:

  •  Pledge $10 or more:  a digital download of the album before it’s released
  • Pledge $30 or more:  a signed hard copy of the album plus a digital download before it’s released
  • Pledge $40 or more:  a signed hard copy of new cd and “love is in the details” (my 1st project with mitch dane) plus the digital download
  • Pledge $50 or more:  special designed t-shirt just for THIS kickstarter campaign, a signed copy of the cd and digital download

AND THERE ARE MORE OPTIONS!! Go to the kickstarter website to see more videos and more donation options!!

So let's help her just do this

Only $3,000 to go!