Sponsor Introduction & Giveaway: Catholic Embroidery

I'm very pleased to introduce you to the good people at Catholic Embroidery. 


The story of this small business is one that reads with the light of grace.


Catholic Embroidery  was established by the Serafino Family in 2007 and is dedicated to providing Catholic items for both every day life and for the service of the Altar. Our family business strives to offer products that bring beautiful representations of our Faith into the homes and hearts of Catholics across the globe. To do this, we have worked with only the finest Catholic graphic artists to create exclusive signature embroidery designs that display the true beauty and symbolism of our Faith, and applying them to useful items (ie. aprons, handkerchiefs, afghans) to uplift Catholics in their daily lives. In our short history, we have been blessed to serve numerous families, parishes, religious orders, gift ships, Bishops and Cardinals, in the USA and Europe.

What started as a sewing hobby for the oldest daughter of our family has turned into an enterprise that we hope, will continue to provide a positive, Christ-centered vocation while offering to the public only the finest in Catholic art in the form of stitches.



 With needle and thread, they bring beauty and grace to all sorts of things. To begin to get to know the endless possiblities for needlework, look around the store. And then, to see it all come life, be sure to visit the blog. What lovely gifts for priests! What happy things to tuck away in hopechests or with which to bless new babies!
 The blog is designed to show customers the various applications of the extraordinary embroidery services. The design gallery on the main website features the signature Catholic designs  created and offered on all custom projects. These designs of choice are often accompanied by the customer's monogramming in initials, names, dates, and even saint's quotes and mottos. While Catholic Embroidery works on these custom projects on a regular basis, not all of them are on the new website. They welcome your ideas and  and always encourage customers to ask about an item they may not see or a project they might have in mind. For a look at some other custom designs, take a peek at these First Communion Handkerchiefs and Custom Book Covers
Working with other's items is also a common occurrence inthe shop, which has a history of fine embroidery on heirloom baptismal gowns, drapes, items for Bishops and Cardinals, home linens and decor, vestments, clothing, quilts, and so much more.
Francis of rome apron

I don't think I'd feel like quite such a workhorse wearing an apron that reminds me that " a married woman must often leave God at the altar to find Him in her housework." I can only hope to look as cute in it as this woman who inspires us all as she clearly takes those words to heart.

The company warmly welcomes international orders. I smiled and thought of a friend I love when I saw this stack of aprons. I don't even know exactly what it says, but I have a hunch the one on top would suit her fine:-).
St. patrick pillowcase

And you can be sure that when I pack a trunk next winter and send my boy off again, this time to the University of Virginia, I'll put these in amongst his linens. Sweet dreams, college boy. Stay true to your faith.
Key fob

And for the new driver in my life? The one who made me promise never to tell about the thought process behind her "exciting" first drive home yesterday after getting her permit? A key fob. I think I might try to have it blessed.
~ ~ Giveaway Details ~ ~
Catholic Embroidery1

Visit the blog and leave a comment or like Catholic Emboridery on Facebook and then come back and tell me you did:-). You'll be entered to win a snuggly blue Lilies of the Valley embroidered afghan, perfect for chilly porch evenings in May, cold morning soccer games, and nights on the beach all summer.
~ ~ and a Freebie, too~ ~
In the Heart of my Home readers will be offered free shipping on their orders through May 18th, using the code HEARTOFHOME.