Monday Giveaway: Memoria Arts

MA Etsy

In the Heart of my Home readers already "know" this sponsor. Joy Messimer is the blog designer here; she makes things functional and beautiful. 


Today, I'd like for you to get to know her a little better. Joy Messimer is wife to a handsome Geek and a second-gen homeschooling mama to six. When she's not chasing a newly-walking toddler or discussing the finer points of Latin conjugations with the eldest, she plays with paper and paint and writes about the intersection of faith, he{art}, and life at her lovely blog. She dreams of actually getting to drink a hot cup of coffee instead of the luke-warm, nuked-three-times coffee she usually sips (see chasing toddler, above). She can often be found at the end of the day with gesso in her hair, a baby curled on shoulder, a good book, some knitting, and mint tea. 



Joy blogs at Memoria Arts where she muses on the finer aspects of a fath-filled life.  Her Etsy shop is filled with prints of hopes and prayers. Please visit Joy at Memoria Arts, leave her a comment there, and then come back here and let me know you've introduced yourself. You'll be entered to win your choice of the four prints.