Lots of People Asking About the Early Childhood Years

Serious concentration
Messy mud work

I'm excited about learning with my little ones this year. I admit it's more than a little poignant to know that we shall not walk this way again. My days of homeschooling early childhood are coming to a close. We're going to go at this for all its worth!

Sarah and saints

I'm planning to revive the The Alphabet Path and revise it, too. I'd like to leave a nice record of it for Sarah and Karoline. We will plan our days so that Catechesis of the Good Shepherd will be a cornerstone of our days. And we'll continue to love storybooks as noted above. I've got lots of thoughts bubbling in my brain, but I know some of you have pressing questions you want to toss around. So, click away and then let's start talking in the combox:-).