Not Really a Proper Daybook


I don't have a proper daybook for you this morning--too much to which I need to attend here. All good, just the best kind of busy. I do have a few random things of some importance to share though:

I am thinking::

about menopause. I don't really want to think about menopause. Really, could we just call it something else? I don't even like the ring to that word. Midlife? No, that  sounds like a balding man's red convertible. The Change? Um, sounds like a hot flash. We need a better word. In all seriousness, I am giving this {{insert word of choice here}} a great deal of thought. Many thanks to those of you who joined the conversation last week. You've moved this project forward by leaps and bounds. There is a book in the works. Just to let you know how earnest I am about doing this thoroughly, I ordered that offensive book I mentioned in last week's post because the editor who likes my book idea suggested that I read it. I bought it, flipped to the end--to the closing thoughts, the send off-- and discovered that after the author divorced her husband at midlife, she found great consolation cuddling her male cat and she learned a lot about femininity from her female cat.

Ladies, we can do better! I know it. Please share your thoughts with me. And if you're still too young to even give a passing thought to menopause, let me ask you to reconsider. Think about the women you know at midlife or beyond. What do you want to emulate there? What do you want to avoid? Consider how being intentional with certain things right now might change what midlife looks like for you. Tell me about the women you know who have the kind of life you'd like to have in your forties and fifties. Tell me details. Tell me anything, but that my future lies with a cat as my main squeeze. (No offense to cat lovers, please)

a way to get a jump on Christmas shopping::

St lukes banner

In honor of the month of the Sacred Heart, St. Luke's Brush is offering a buy 4, get one deal. Buy any 4 dolls by June 30 and get a Sacred Heart doll for free. It's not too early to think of stocking stuffers. I can honestly tell you that these are the toys Sarah plays with most of all. They're timeless heirlooms. The Sacred Heart of Jesus doll is a one of a kind, 3.5 inch wooden peg doll hand painted with non-toxic acrylic paints and sealed to preserve this keepsake toy.

summer sponsor opportunities:: as the season changes, there are a few slots opening for sponsors here at In the Heart of My Home. Sponsors will also be onSerendipity and we are eager to bring some new plans to life there in the next couple months. Email me at intheheartofmyhome AT gmail DOT com for more information.

I told you they were random thoughts. Thanks for indulging my brain dump. Now, I'm off to do what needs to be done around here. Have a beautiful Monday:-).