Look Both Ways

I was awakened to an email alert the other day. Usually, I don't activate alert chimes on my email. I find them incredibly annoying, but I was waiting to breathe a sigh of relief upon the arrival of this particular post. So, I rubbed sleep from my eyes and blinked to read:






And then I saw that someone had already responded.


The first email is from our "boy." The "boy" is 23. He went to college, survived, graduated, got a great job at a major newspaper, and is engaged to be married. Said newspaper put him in the sports department, made him Senior Social Media Editor, and sent him to London to cover the Olympics.

His dad, of the second email, has a pretty cool sports journalism job, too. He could have offered him all kinds of advice. Instead, he reminds him to look both ways. I love that boy.  I love that dad.

Sometimes, my heart is so full I think it could burst.