Simple. Summer. Pretty. Perfection.

Inspired by a picture on the Pottery Barn catalog cover, Katie and I played with some fruit and water last weekend and we have found the absolute perfect summer drink. Few if any calories and just a hint of flavor, this water makes you want to stay well-hydrated. And in an easy pour container with a stainless steel cup at the ready, even the littlest can quench her thirst.


~Start with some ice and then add small watermelon wedges~

{please disregard the bagel on the other side of the glass}


~ Add thinly sliced lime circles ~


~ Fill it up with cold water ~


~ The limes sink and the watermelon wedges float all in a row. So pretty! And it tastes amazing. ~



~ Sarah samples an orange and lime variation. Next up: strawberries and blueberries for the Fourth of July! ~