Packing them off to College? A good cry. {And a Giveaway}


There is a phenonomenon happening in the housewares/linens department of every Target in the country. Just watch. There are middle-aged moms and late-teenaged kids in every aisle. The moms are fighting tears and trying to be overly cheerful. Some of the kids are, too. Or, perhaps, neither party is speaking to the other and they both are determinedly shopping with pursed lips. Target is a painful place this time of year. My children will attest to my all-out sobbing in the aisle with the graphing calculators a couple years ago.

I bumped into my friend Khristie in the linens department last spring right after acceptance letters were received. We got a headstart on the sobfest and stood there for nearly an hour crying talking. It's weird what linens can do to moms letting go. I think it's partly because we've so intentionally worked to create for them a nurturing home. (Um, I just made myself cry reading that link.)

We want so much to tuck ourselves into that trunk--to be sure they'll eat right, change their sheets, do their laundry, study, stay out of trouble. Oh, please, please stay out of trouble! Instead, we send them off without us and we stay home and pray in a way that we've never prayed before.

The kind folks at Catholic Embroidery are offering a little something you can tuck into that trunk as a reminder of your prayers--and a reminder for the college-bound to say theirs. 

It's two Standard (32" by 22") or Queen (38'" by 22") white 100% Egyptian cotton pillowcase boasting a 3" hem that are embroidered with a Mini Celtic Cross design along with an excerpt from St. Patrick's Breastplate: "Christ Before Me ~ Christ Behind Me". 

St. patrick's breastplate

Sweet reminder. Sweet dreams.


 To qualify for the giveaway, simply leave a comment on the Catholic Embroidery blog or become a follower on their Facebook page and then come back here and tell me you did it. And if you're having meltdowns in the linen departments at Target, you can tell me that, too. I'm likely to cry with you and I promise, promise, promise to pray for you!