Twenty-five years ago he had a proposal that sounded so impossible I could scarcely envsion it. He had plans and dreams and ideas that were a world I'd never even imagined. But I said yes. 

Because I trusted him.

And, together, we brought those dreams to life and we dreamed new dreams.


Looking back over a quarter century of chances taken, every single time, I was afraid. Every single time, I could not begin to fathom that all would be well. But I said yes.

Because I trusted him.

And now, as I look at the tapestry of our lives woven together, I see the thread running bold and bright throughout. 


I knew that he loved me intensely and forever, that I was safe with him. I knew that he was true. Real. Genuine. 

Not perfect.

But honest. 

And when he said he was giving me his whole life. He meant it.


Nothing held back. Nothing hidden. 

I took his hand. I looked at the leap we were taking.


I knew there would be curves in the road.

What? Where?

I had no idea.


But I knew--I was sure--that this was the man I wanted to lead me. This was the heart I trusted with mine. This was real. 

So I said yes.

I say it again every day.

And I always will.