needle & thREAD

needle and thREAD


Well, hello there! Is it really Thursday already? I'm afraid I haven't any sewing to show you. I've been creating in my sewing space, but nary a stitch was sewn. I have, however learned a very important lesson.

If you find a fabric you love and you want to design a project around it, buy everything you need right away. Everything. Really. Even extra is a good idea. What I didn't know about the modern designer fabric sewing world is that a fabric might be available only for a season before the designer introduces the next thing and the first fades into oblivion.  Well, now, that is certainly an excellent reason for a stash. Having been well schooled in this fact, I now understand all those serious sewing ladies who have shelves crammed full of fabric. One must hoard, I think.


Remember last spring--early spring it was--when I asked you about a fabric to make an anniversary quilt? I decided upon California Girl. I ordered my fat quarters, but I left the borders and sashing and binding and backing fabric to wait for another payday. My initial thought was to embroider the centers of every log cabin block. I made three. Then I realized that I could do this or I could finish the quilt sometime this year. And then, we went to California for our anniversary. Not only that, we went to the very same places that inspired this fabric--the very same San Francisco Bay area where the designer lives. (Click. it's really cool.) Serendipitously, my choice all those months ago became even more perfect. I would cover our bed in California hues, keeping memories fresh forever. Happy, happy thought.

Last week, all aflutter with renewed zeal for this project, I consulted my notes and went to order the remaining fabric. I could find it no where. Actually, I found and ordered it at, planned everything around the whole 9 yards (literally) of backing fabric only to learn that they didn't really have the backing fabric. They have messed up every order I've ever made. No more from them. Ever.

Now, I had sashing and borders coming from elsewhere and no backing any where. I spent a ridiculous number of hours searching. In the end, it was the Fat Quarter Shop who came to my rescue. [Note: They are a blog sponsor. Also note: I am eternally grateful and would have told you this story any way.]. So, now I have a stash of adequate backing fabric (different from my original plan but still good) and I can sleep at night.


After my anniversary quilt fabric experience, I cast a wary eye at the fabric stashed for Mary Beth's quilt. I'd originally planned to make this quilt to throw over the back of the couch in the family room. Mike was not a fan. Mary Beth, however, loves this fabric. So, it was decided that we'd make her bed quilt from it. The problem? I bought enough fabric for a 64"X 64" square quilt. Standard double bed quilt size: 80" X 80". I have yet to solve this problem because--again--I'm learning that I should have over-stashed when it was hot. My plan is to get the whole thing cut and see how much fabric I have left. I'm open to suggestions. Actually, I'm begging for suggestions!


Finally, a new fabric:-). This time, I think I overbought from Leisl Gibson's new line, The Ladies Stitching Club. I was treated to gracious kindness by the proprietor of the Intrepid Thread who supplied me speedily. This fabric is intended for Fairy Tale Dresses--one in each colorway. Right now, I'm only at the sit and stare at it stage. I can't even bring myself to wash it. It's so lovely. I bought some of the border print. I haven't decided on it. Bows? Collars? I don't know. And... all the reading this week? The instructions inside those patterns--I'm reading and re-reading and working up the courage to begin. 


Does autumn call you into your sewing space? Are you thinking flannel pjs or cozy quilts? Or are you embroidering? Pulling a needle with thread through lovely fabric to make life more beautiful somehow? Would you share with us just a single photo (or more) and a brief description of what you're up to? Will you tell us about what you're reading, also? Would you talk sewing and books with us? I'd love that so much.

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