St. Luke's Brush: A Free Peg Doll for Your Scholar


In honor of their 2 year anniversary today, St. Luke's Brush has generously offered us a special promotion. For every purchase of $100 or more this month, you will receive a free handpainted St. Thomas Aquinas doll with your order! 


About St. Luke's Brush:

St. Luke’s Brush specializes in hand-painted Catholic toys, Wooden Saint peg dolls,religious art, and gifts. High quality, one of a kind toys and gifts inspire your child’s love and understanding of the Faith. They offer a large selection of gifts, perfect for Christmas, Feast Days, Easter, Sacrament Gifts and other special occasions. Excellent for use with Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Custom orders are welcome!

So please, hurry over and make an order before September 30th to celebrate two years of this wonderful business!