The Undivided Heart

So, I wrote 1300 words on this topic and this chapter. I poured out my guts. I bared my soul. I really laid it all out there. And when I uploaded the picture, just before hitting "post," I deleted the whole thing. All of it. All the links. All the well-organized thoughts. I just wrote 1300 words on why I need to step away from blogging and it disappeared into cyberspace. Gotta wonder if there's some sort of meaning in all of that.

Anyway, my neck hurts and my hands hurt and I'm tired. There's no chance I'm reconstructing that post any time soon. Good night:-). 

I will mention that I linked to Kate's thoughts extensively. Those links are worth taking a few moments to re-create. 

And here's the picture. Makes more sense with the post. The totally-deleted-cannot-be-retrieved post.


{Oh, and needle & thREADers, Mary Beth will be here in the morning with a post for you.}

~ ~ ~

Are you thinking about the mission of motherhood, too? I'm going to join The Nester for 31 Days. I'm going to host a 31 day "retreat"here  to remind myself (and anyone who wants to come along) of the mission of motherhood and matrimony. If you want to do your own 31 Days on anything you choose, head here and joinIf you want to retreat from the noise of the 'net for a month and focus your own sweet home and family, grab a “Remind Myself of the Mission” button and curl up with a candle, your Bible, and this good book! Let me know your thoughts below. We can help each other hear His mission. 

31 days Misson


Click here for the whole series.