Thou Shalt Not Make an Idol of Motherhood

“And yet over the years I have come to realize something else about my role as a mother. As important as my role is, and as important as my children are, they are not to be the center of my life, and my central calling is not motherhood…it could even become a form of idolatry. My calling as a mother is the same as any other Christian’s: to fulfill God’s will for our lives and glorify Him…and I am to delight in him and worship him and praise him in whatever circumstance I find myself.”

- Sally Clarkson, The Mission of Motherhood


Ah. Herein is the big challenge. Do I make an idol of motherhood? I think, that there is that tendency. Joy's written very thoughtfully about her experience here. 


~ ~ ~

Oh, dear...this very thoughtful post has been interrupted for an orthodpedic emergency. I was merrily writing along and I got one of "those" phone calls. That's as far as I got. Let's recap shall we?

  • It's birthday week: 4 birthdays in 6 days.
  • Michael crashed his car.
  • Mike is in Miami (I tell you that because he will return shortly)
  • The painter arrives in an hour to begin to paint every wall, ceiling, and trim in my house.
  • The little girls have croup (read: I am not sleeping.)
  • Christian wrote a 10 page paper yesterday. (read: I edited until it was this morning.)
  • Patrick trained in the rain last night (his 18th birthday) and left the field on crutches. Team doctor is in Maryland. We're planning on it taking the whole day. (read: I'm packing my knitting.)


And that, my friends, is my mission today. My mission is clear and it's not here.  Feel free to converse in the combox. Don't miss yesterday's combox. There's so much wisdom there! Do go visit Joy.  I'll be back after I get Patrick back on his feet.

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