A Note from Tripp Curtis

Tripp Curtis asked me to share this note with you. I was--and continue to be--astounded by the kindness, the generosity, the absolute goodness of the people who have loved the Curtis family so well throughout the past month. Barbara touched the hearts of so many people and I have been so blessed to hear your stories, share you memories, and deliver to her family your gifts. ef

~ ~ ~ 

A month ago today  Barbara Curtis, cherished wife and beloved by her twelve children,  fourteen grandchildren, treasured friends, and the countless host touched through her writing and speaking went to be with our Heavenly Father.

Unknown by us at the time a wonderful angel and saint that you all know as Elizabeth Foss, reached out to all of you to share what had happened to our family and ask for prayer and support.  She shared with you that Maddy, (our  #9) was facing financial challenges that were probably going to keep her from continuing her education at Catholic University.  The company I worked for had gone into sudden dissolution at the end of September. We didn’t know it at the time, but we were also without healthcare as you lose Cobra eligibility when a company dissolves or goes bankrupt.  The first thing we did was to cancel our life insurance amongst other things to shrink our budget… Never thinking for a moment that one of us might die soon. 

Your outpouring of love, support, and prayers has overwhelmed us and we are full of gratitude for what you have done. Because of your generosity Maddy will be able to continue for now at Catholic University where she is devoted to honing the gift of music Our Father has blessed her with for His glory.

I especially want to thank Elizabeth whom I met for the first time at Barbara’s Memorial Mass.  Because of your obedience when Our Father spoke to your heart, He worked a miracle through His people that saved us in our need.

In His grip,

Papa Tripp

Circumstances change…..God never changes……


         Nil Sine Nomini………..Nothing without Providence