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Big sewing here this week! We put in ten hours today alone. My sweet, wonderful, very smart friend Cari came over to lend her expertise to drapery creation. We've finished sewing the living room, dining room and family room window treatments. Woo-hoo!

Today, we set the sewing maching smack in the middle of the house, pushed furniture out of the way in the family room and took over the floor, and plopped the serger on the dining room table. I buzzed girls back and forth to dance a few times, mediated disputes over The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Games, and supervised pre-school math and college math (both on the same table as the sewing machine). We made a good dinner and took a break to sit at the dining room table (minus the serger). All in all, a very satisfying domestic day. 

In the reading department, I received a lovely new Bible a couple days ago. And it just so happens to look beautiful with the curtains destined for the room where I do the most Bible reading. It's the C. S. Lewis Bible, a full Bible interspersed with C. S. Lewis commentary. I love it!

This was a good homemaking day. Cari did all the engineering and design work; she knows this stuff. With full confidence, I pushed miles and miles of beautiful fabric trhough my pretty terrific sewing machine. I had good reason to use both my walking foot and my quilting table, thereby alleviating all the guilt I had previously felt over not quilting a thing since Sarah's quilt (which was the only thing for which I'd ever used those items). Mostly though, it was so nice to work with my hands and just talk all day with a dear friend, while being totally available to my children. I've known Cari since I was a newlywed. She was there when I was pregnant with my first three babies. She was the neighbor to whom I could run for milk or sugar (back when I consumed both). She was also there for cancer. Many years later, she, too, is a cancer survivor. So we had lots to share and it was so very good to have her here.

I think we managed a full day of schoolwork. Tell me, you who sew and knit and do all things domestic while also educating children at home: How do you do it? What's the rhythm in your home? When do you work on your craft? I'm eager to hear about it all. 

And, of course, if you've been reading and sewing or embroidering this week, please share that too. 

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