Meet the Folks behind Simplicities of Life {and a Giveaway}

I had a little chat with Kessie, the artist who brings beautiful sacramentals to us from Simplicities of Life. Sit a spell and get to know her. You'll be blessed.

How long have you been in business and how did you find yourself making sacramentals and jewelry? 
We officially opened around August 2009. It all started when we wanted to give a unique gift to our in-home marriage prep couples. A friend in the community got us started with the gifts, then everyone wanted to start to purchase a family rosary or single rosary from us. With the help of the Holy Spirit---things have been busy ever since!

Is it a family endeavor?Do your kids help? 
When we first started it was just myself with an extra hand from Coby, my husband. As time went by, our oldest son helped very often. Then, most nights, Coby and I would work together in the studio. In the past year, Coby started the Diaconate program in our diocese. Needless to say, I "lost" his help:). I have currently hired 2 homeschool teenagers to come in, when needed and help string beads. On another day, I follow behind them, check the item and finish it with the crimps and medals.

This past Christmas season, was so much fun. I remember many days while our youngest was taking his nap and "everyone" was helping--from our hired help, our 12-, 9-, 6-, and 4-year-old, and my sweet godchild who was on break from school. Although it was crazy busy, it was a very blessed time. 

What inspires you?
 All of the credit goes to the Holy Spirit! People sometimes laugh when I say that and reply, "Well it's your hands putting it together and your eyes seeing the finished item--so give yourself credit." I do not and will not take the credit. The Holy Spirit is what guides my thoughts and creations while I am in my studio. Occasionally, when I am "stuck" on an item or trying to hard to create it, I will ask Our Lady to show me what kind of rosary or necklace she desires and it usually pops in my head. If I am able to be in my studio undisturbed and in prayer, as soon as one pattern is complete,  another one is there in my head waiting to be created.

Early on in the business, I remember sitting in my Holy Hour (not thinking of the business at all) and bead patterns started to appear in my head. I tried to ignore them, but they wouldn't go away. So I turned to the back of my journal, jotted them down and went back to my personal prayer time. This was the start of my confirmation that the Holy Spirit had a plan for our business.
Can you share a customer story? Someone who was particularly blessed by the work of your hands? 
One day we were at a conference and while the speaker was talking, my oldest son and I went sit on the side to rest. The manager of the building came up to us and asked us if we could remind him how to pray the rosary. After spending about a half hour together, we went our separate ways. As we were walking back to our booth, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to give a chaplet to the manager. When I found him just moments later, he was standing in the corner (his back was facing me, so he could not see me), using his fingers and whispering the prayers to  the rosary. He needed the chaplet! I tapped him on his shoulder and gave it to him. He was shocked, but so very thankful. He kept offering to pay me for it, but I tried to explain to him that wasn't the point and that it was clear to me that the Holy Spirit and Our Lady wanted him to have this tool for his journey.
This is just one story of very many. Our family is very blessed to have a business that is also a ministry. We are grateful that Our Lord and Our Lady allow us to meet so many children of God. We are extremely grateful that He allows us to help so many people on their journey. We look forward to what God has in store for us in the upcoming years:).

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Giveaway: Kessie is offering a Sacred Heart chaplet for In the Heart of My Home readers. Just leave a comment below to be entered to win. If you have a story about a sacramental, share it and your name will be entered twice.
Do take some time to browse Simplicities of Life. These works of art make extraordinary additions to Easter baskets.
The winner is 

Mary Beth,  who said...

These rosaries are exquisite! I would love to have one to help me in my journey! I entered The Church last Easter, and it was a wonderful beginning to what was to be come the most difficult & heart-wrenching year of my life so far. My faith never wavered, but I feel like a baby bird who tentatively spread her wings, stepped out of the nest, and plummeted toward the ground without learning how to fly on the way down! I would very much like to develop the discipline and love of praying with a rosary, and one of these would certainly entice me to spend more time in prayer.


Mary Beth, please email me with you snail mail address and I'll forward all the details to Kessie!