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One nice advantage to hosting needle & thREAD every week is that I can't get away with not stitching something for very long. I mean, there's only so much sewing room cleaning, project list making, and fabulous guest posting I can slip in here before I actually have to start sewing something. I decided to do a quick little project to prime the pump. 
As I set up all the components of our new language arts program, I noted that we'd need a family journal. This need reminded me that I wanted to make prayer journal in January, but never did. However, Lent is right around the corner, so that's a perfect time, too, right? And, I've long been promising myself that I would keep a food and execerise log. Need a pretty journal for that, too. Since I'd never made even one journal, it seemed like a good idea to dig in and figure some things out. 
So I did. I had some Anna Maria Horner fabric that I bought over a year ago, thinking that I would crosstitch rather a lot of it to make drapes for my bedroom. I thought they'd go with the pretty pillow around which I was going to design a quilt. Mike --ahem-- was not fond of the pillow. So, a quilt wasn't going to happen. And if no quilt, then no drapes. I put my one crosstitched flower on the shelf, still attached to yards and yards of fabric. 
And forgot about it.
Until I went digging for journal cover possibilities. Aha! I could fussy cut it and make something pretty, just for me. And I just happened to have some ribbon with which to embellish it. A couple hours later and I had worked out the math and stuff and come up with something super pretty.
My girls are begging to do one for themselves. And I just happen to have a stack of new composition books. Katie is eyeing a particularly pretty stack of fabric a dear friend sent last week. She's right; that would make some lovely patchwork covers...
I've been ever so slowly reading Folks, This Ain't Normal. Actually, I'm listening to it. I've changed up my gym routine so that I'm spending as little time as possible on those cardio machines and much more time in fitness classes and such. This is a very happy place for me, with one exception. My listening time for books has dwindled to about ten minutes in the steam room. Now, If I would focus a little on some sewing, I could easily listen while I stitched, couldn't I? I'm enjoying the book. We have been longtime supporters of Polyface Farm and very much enjoyed the fruit of the hands of Joel Salatin. He reads the audio version and it's just like hanging out with him and having a good chat. I admit to squirming a bit as he analyzes childhood in suburbia, but I don't really disagree too much. Highly recommended.


needle and thREAD

What are you sewing and reading this week? I really do want to hear all about it!

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