Lord, Hear Our Prayer


"Imagine if your community church pastor stepped down in retirement and you didn't have a replacement lined up for a few weeks. Now imagine your membership was a billion people worldwide, and there was an unbroken line of succession that went back to Jesus Himself appointing the first pastor. Imagine the weight on the shoulders of the elders to appoint the right leader for such a time as this. Imagine knowing the influence your "vote" is going to carry, as you're praying, deliberating and waiting for the next leader to be revealed. That's the Catholic Church right now. Pray for the next pope. I don't care if you're not Catholic. If you're a believer, you should be praying for this. It's important to the future of the Gospel around the world. Matthew 16:13-20" ~ Matt Maher


Please pray with us! How can we pray for this week?