Sponsor Introductions

I'm so pleased to welcome these new sponsors this month. Think Easter baskets;-)

Origami owl

Tricia Jennings, an Independent Designer with Origami Owl, loves helping women tell their stories through the charms they select for their one-of-a-kind lockets. Whimsical, serious, celebratory, or memorial - the locket can take on a completely new look and feel just by swapping out the charms for new ones. If you'd like to experience the fun of creating your story through jewelry, please visit Tricia's website at www.origamiowl.com or contact her via email at tricia@teamjennings.net.

Mod jules

Mod Jules specializes in jewelry and gifts that speak to you. I love finding and designing images and sayings that fit individual personalities and always welcome custom orders. My handmade jewelry incorporates a variety of techniques and materials, including upcycled game pieces (scrabble tiles, mah jong tiles), hand-stamped metal, rubber stamping with inks, embossed and riveted metal, and digital collages.


Liturgical time veil shop

Liturgical Time Veil Shop is a mother-daughter cottage enterprise.  We create elegant, handmade chapel veils, mantillas, and headcoverings for our patrons to wear in church, at prayer, or in everyday life. We are the creators of the Eternity Veil, a unique chapel veil which an be worn as a scarf when entering the worship space, and discretely slipped over the head when the wearer wishes to be veiled. 

Hedgeapple fiber

Wool is at the heart of my hobbies and household. And wool is at the heart of Hedgeapple Fiber Studio. We even use handmade, 100%-wool dryer balls for our laundry. From the wool we grow from our sheep or from local farmers, I spin, knit and weave, one of kind yarns, hats, shawls, and blankets.

  Jacob's toy box

Inspire in your child a religious vocation with these soft and cuddly dolls.  At Jacob's Toy Box we specialize in religious dolls and stories, but also have non religious toys.  All our high quality handmade toys reflect the days before mass production.