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Tell us about your background. What path led you to the work you do today?

I have always felt drawn to head covering in private prayer and in worship, particularly in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.  This led naturally into creating my own veils and subsequently to creating them for others.  I feel particularly blessed to have the opportunity to create head coverings for praying women because I believe that praying women, through the power of Our Lord, can be a tremendous blessing to a broken world.


How do you come up with new designs and ideas for veils?

We try to “think outside the box” and create unique veils that will offer a variety of women choices that they love. We have been particularly inspired to create veils that women who are new to head covering can feel comfortable wearing. That was the impetus for the development of our Eternity Veil which can be worn as a scarf and then discreetly pulled up over the head to form a veil.  We also create a variety of chapel veils which have long enough sides to allow “kerchief style” tying. We find that many women feel particularly at home wearing their veils in this fashion, rather than allowing them to hang free.

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You mention that your veils can be worn in everyday life. Can you tell us a little more about that?

We are blessed to have women from a variety of Christian backgrounds as customers.  Some of our ladies choose to wear head coverings on a daily basis for reasons related to modesty, and/or to augment their devotional and prayer lives. Often, those who purchase head coverings for daily wear choose from our cotton headscarves, which are similar to wide headbands, or our more casual triangle-shaped kerchief style in lovely prints.



How do you combine your work and your family life?

Our work is very much intertwined with our family life.  Once upon a time, we had a lovely dining room and formal living room. Now, instead, we have a former dining room table which serves as a cutting table, a sideboard which stores trims and packing materials, and a space brimming with lace and fabric.  Everyone in the family participates in responding to inquiries, managing orders, creating veils, and packaging our creations for shipment.

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Is this contemplative work for you? Do you pray as you create?

This is absolutely contemplative work.  I find repetitive stitching to be an excellent vehicle for contemplative prayer. We also pin the name of the recipient on the each veil as soon as the lace it cut. That name follows the head covering through to completion, allowing us to pray for the recipient every time her veil is in our hands.



What’s the product you are most excited about in your shop right now?

We have enjoyed creating a variety of Eternity Veils. Finding new laces and fabrics for them is exciting. We also love making our matching child and doll veil sets. Creating special veils for little girls and their dolls is always fun.

 Click around the lovely Etsy site and find your favorite veil. Leave a comment and tell us which one you like best. You might just win it! We'll give away one up to a $42 value.


The winner is

KackyK  who said...

The Dark Chocolate Eternity Veil is my favorite...but really they are all beautiful!