needle & thREAD

{Sorry this is late; my model needed a little extra beauty sleep before her photo shoot this morning.)




Good morning!

I've got real quick sewing update for you. I made Karoline a popover sundress. It turns out that it did, indeed, take about as long to make as the doll one I made last week. I have fabric all cut and ready to make Sarah a matching one today. Katie and I talked about how cute it would be to make summertime tops out of the same pattern, just hemming them at about a high hip length. Unfortunately, the pattern stops at Size 8. So, I'd have to re-draft the pattern on my own for Katie. I'm mulling the possiblities, doubting my ability to modify, but swaying with her earnest pleading. It looks like Leisl did draft it, but I don't think it's out there anywhere...

I'll report to you next week.

My reading this week is re-reading. I never finished the book study of The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers or the one of Mission of Motherhood. I'd like to finish both in the next few weeks. So, re-reading it is!

What are you up to? Stitching? Reading? Tell me about it!



needle and thREAD