Needle & thREAD



Hello! Sewing this week is dedicated to making tops for the girlies. When I wandered through the stacks of fabric stashed in the sewing room, my eyes were riveted on my Anna Maria Horner shelf. My heart has so been with Anna these days. As she mourns the loss of her mother, she awaits the birth of her daughter. What better way for me to spend the day praying for her than to delight in those lovely voiles I'd set aside for "something special?"
    I admit I'm a little nervous. Voile is definitely slippery and the cutting took longer than usual. And it's a bit "fancy" for everyday for Katie, but she loves the fabric and there was nothing else I wanted to sew. Nothing in the world. Won't you all pray along with me for her?
    Reading? We're all about Shakespeare. I'm taking my Shakespeare Fridays plans (there's a detailed reading list if you click the link) and coming alongside Christian while he does a college Shakespeare course. I'm really, really excited about this because all my kids are the perfect ages to make it work. Pictured above are some of the books for Christian's class. His textbook is Screening Shakespeare. He's reading Othello, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, and Midsummer Night's Dream. And he's watching these movie versions (some of which aren't going to happen for my little ones;-):

Romeo and juliet 

from Shakespeare's Storybook

I've long loved my own Shakespeare plans and I'm so happy to be revisiting them. This is Christian's last few months as  part of our learning community before he heads off to college, so why not make it a Shakespeare Summer?
What about you? Reading? Sewing? How do you keep your kids reading through the summer? 

needle and thREAD