Hope in the Morning















The day began with Mike vlounteering to take Nick to soccer on his way to work. Soccer is absolutely not on Mike's way to the office, but he was being really sweet and I took him up on it. The coach always gets there 15 minutes early so Mike planned to drop Nick and dash to work. 

I gave him the address (all these fields are new to us since we've just switched leagues), and off they went.

To the wrong field.

I had given him the address of the field where Stephen trains tomorrow. Go me! I'd looked up all my travel desitinations before the week began...

They got there eventually. Mike apologized on my behalf.

And then he called me and spoke sweet, unmerited words of grace.

It seems like a very good morning to unplug, refill pots of watercolor, and paint some hope into the week ahead.

Christian leaves tomorrow. I'll be back in this space on Wednesday.

My prayer for each of you is for someone to speak grace into your day.