Throwback Thursday: En Pointe

Yesterday, Jenny mentioned in the comments that she remembered reading about Mary Beth's first pair of pointe shoes. I'm so glad she commented. I've been thinking about that day too, but Jenny's comment urged me to find the post. And when I did, I was so glad I kept a blog back then. Reading my words, and seeing my hopes in print, and then knowing the rest of the story? Well worth the price of her first pair of pointe shoes, Katie's first pair, all the shoes between, and all the shoes to come. 

Here's that long-ago post.

Needle & thREAD will go up this evening. I've got a big sewing project going this morning. Pictures later (don't get too excited: more and more and more headbands;-)


I left the dance school yesterday with all my instructions from Mary Beth's teacher, Miss Mary. I knew where to sew the elastic and where to sew the satin ribbons. I knew who to request at the dance store for the fitting (only Esther was to be entrusted with this job). And just in case I didn't know, as I was leaving, Miss Mary reminded me of one more thing, "She's not a little dancer any more. Now she's a big girl." Ah, yes. Why is it this day seemed so far off way back when she was twirling for Miss Missy in my dining room?

Pointe_003 And so we arrived at The Cinnamon Tree. This was the dance store where I first purchased that outrageously expensive pink skirted leotard because I'd always wanted a little girl in a pink skirted leotard. At the time, Mary Beth was my only girl; a little pink angel in the midst of five brothers. On this day, I had another little girl by the hand and still another in my arms. We walked through door, led by Mary Beth, her hair still pulled up from dance class, her back straight and her stride the unmistakable walk of a ballerina. She sat for her fitting and I snapped pictures. I noticed that Mary Beth was so excited the both her hands and her feet shook.

Pointe_024 And then, Esther  held her hand and asked her to go up en pointe. Mary Beth did and I heard a collective gasp from the ladies in the shop. "You did that beautifully!" exclaimed Esther. I will never know if such exclamations come with the purchase price of one's first pointe shoes, but my little girl  ballerina flushed with joy.

En pointe.

Pointe_026_2 Two little girls took it all in, inspired once again by the truest heroine in their young lives. Katie will remember every detail of this day and she is likely to talk about it for the next six years until she claims a day like this as her own.She spent a good deal of time begging for a pink skirted leotard. Not this time, my girl.  And Karoline. Karoline, who speaks very little English at this point, can do a pretty admirable passe, to go with her burre, her port de bras, and her arabesque. Karoline is a dancer in good company. And right now, she has in Mary Beth the best teacher in all the world.