with needle & thREAD


I had lofty plans for this week!  Due to comings and goings, there are only four children at home this week and I thought this would be the perfect time to deep clean the house and make drapes and a quilt for Mary Beth's room and finish planning the next semester. Oh! so many, many things long planned.
I have a cold. It's just a cold, but I'm sharing it with everyone left here at home. We're all moving in slow motion. I did manage to finish sewing the blouse I cut for Katie ages ago. Voile is such lovely fabric, light and silky and perfectly perfect for hot summer days. It also slips like crazy, frays and tears easily, and is not at the top of the list for practical fabrics for 10-year-old girls. Still, it makes a lovely top. It still needs a button and clearly should be ironed. And I think it might be too short, but Katie isn't home so I can't know for sure. I hope she can wear it for the rest of the summer.
I've been reading in fits and spurts. I borrowed this slim volume from Patrick's desk and it's just perfect for a little reading before dozing. Lessons for Living is so aptly named--lovely nuggets of wisdom for life.
Life is a talent entrusted to us so that we can transform it and increase it, making it a gift to others. No person is an iceberg drifting on the ocean of history. Each one of us belongs to a great family, in which we each have our own place and our own role to play. ~John Paul the Great
What are you sewing and reading this week?