Gathering My Thoughts


I find myself:

::noticing God's glory

The trees are just beginning to turn. Autumn is so beautiful in Virginia. I’m determined to read the camera manual and try to capture it this year. For today, though, it's old pictures from my phone. I beg your pardon.

::listening to 

soccer practice.

::clothing myself in 

old jeans and lightweight sweater. It was nippy today; I actually wore a denim jacket out this morning.

::talking with my children about these DVDs

we just finished Mark Hart’s T3 Matthew: Thy Kingdom Come. Now, all of us are watching Fr. Barron’s Catholicism. I’m taking notes as we go and we’re talking and talking about it. Absolutely, positively highly recommended for almost all ages. Sarah (nearly 5) didn’t catch the whole thing, but Karoline (nearly 7) definitely did. I kept wishing Christian were at home, because I know he would have appreciated both production quality and content.

::thinking and thinking

about the economy. And health care. How’s that for a deviation on the norm ‘round these parts? Mike and I have a definite, firm “date night” planned because we need to look carefully at the health care that we like and see how it compares much less affordable health care that we will be compelled to purchase on October 1.


::pondering prayerfully

“There are also all sorts of things in our spiritual life where a thing has to be killed and broken, in order that it may then become bright, and strong, and splendid.” –C. S. Lewis.


::carefully cultivating rhythm

Last week stunk. No sweet way to put it; it just stunk. It was one of those weeks when every time I popped back up, determined not to let yuck get the upper hand, I got splatted with more yuck. Stinky yuck. And that always messes with my rhythm. In the end, though, it’s usually rhythm I find first on my way back from mucking through the yuck. So that’s goal: yuck mucking. And that’s about as specific as the complaining is going to get here because I’m still not into blog whining.

::creating by hand

No kidding. My girls need some shirts. Binge sewing to begin Tuesday morning.


::learning lessons in

eating habits and whether it’s all worth it. I’ve been working pretty dang hard on diet this year. Last week, amidst the yuck, I had a doctor’s appointment. Essentially, my doctor looked at my chart when I called for a routine refill of thyroid meds and said she wouldn’t do it unless she laid eyes on me. Something about not having been to the doctor since January 2011. The plan was just say hey and draw thyroid labs. Once I got there though, she ran as many blood tests as she could. All of which conjured up a significant and utterly disproportionate post-cancer PTSD.

Lo and behold, the results came in and I learned that I’m one of the small percentage of people whose lipid profile puts her in the “able to reverse heart disease” range. Extraordinarily good news from the lab. Pat on the back from the doctor. Who knew? Now I do.

And I’m ever more resolved to eat mindfully.

::encouraging learning 

Homeschooling high school is hard work. That is all. See above whining policy.

::begging prayers

for the lonely, depressed, and afraid.

for all the intentions of our prayer community.

And yes, for that intention I was keeping quiet; it’s still very close to my heartJ  

::keeping house

They say fall cleaning is even more important than spring cleaning because you’re going to spend the coming months all closed up in the house. To that end, I’m trying to work some heavy-duty cleaning into the schedule. Like rhythm, clean gives me a sense of control 9however false that may be), roots me, and offers a cheerful perspective. Clean is a good thing.



::crafting in the kitchen 

I feel like I’ve been grocery shopping uncontrollably lately. Seems like every time I turn around, we need one more thing and then I go and come back with lots more. I’ve resolved to eat from pantry and fridge for the next two weeks, with the exception of the Farmer’s Market on Saturday. Speaking of the market, it was much smaller last weekend. Much, much smaller. Makes me so sad.

::loving the moments

when they all work together to make a tent village of sheets and blankets in the living room and when I tell them to clean it up and they protest, saying Daddy promised to watch Monday Night Football in the tents with them. Alrighty then. They can—and did—have fund with that.

::giving thanks 

for the body of Christ and friends who will read your texts and love on your kids and then find other people to love on your kids—all from a couple of states away.

living the liturgy

We began the St. Therese novena on Monday. I like to start this novena on the Feast of St. Padre Pio and finish on the Feast of St. Therese. It’s not too late! Join us?


::planning for the week ahead

Mike will go to Charlottesville tonight. I’ll watch Paddy’s match from here, streaming on my computer. Thank goodness for streaming games!

Patrick called last night to tell me Zach was coming home for the weekend. Paddy isn’t coming home (he’s going to Syracuse), but Zach needs a breakJ.

We have our annual birthday tea planned for Friday with my friend Megan and her daughter. They’re going to school this year and Megan is working up at the parish. I miss them. I’m looking very forward to catching up.

I might try to buzz up to Harrisonburg to see Christian.

Lots of soccer this weekend. All local.