While the apple cake baked...







We read some more apple books.



The Apple Cake This is a charming story about an old lady who wants to make apple cake but has plums instead of apples. She chats along and trades, continuing to give up what she has to meet the need of somoene else. Nicholas baked a delicious, yeasty apple cake using the recipe on the back of the book with 

Alyosha's Apple This is a lovely fairytale told and illustrated in the Eastern Orthodox tradition. A young orphan girl ventures bravely into the forest to seek healing for her borther.

Brother Bartholomew and the Apple Grove Sadly out of print, this is a beautiful parable of humility and stewardship.

Apples to Oregon Papa moves from Iowa to Oregon and the whole family and lots fruit trees go along for the ride. There are plenty of facts mixed in with the tall tale.

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World This one is a classic favorite. Gather the necessary ingredients for an apple pie from locations all over the world and have a grand time enjoying the process.

Folks Call Me Appleseed John This is the legend of Johnny Appleseed told by John Chapman himself.

Rain Makes Applesauce This one is pure whimsy. It was introduced to me by a friend who came to stay in my dorm. Her boyfriend lived in the suite downstairs and when she came from New Jersey during her senior year in high school to visit Patrick Murphy, she slept in my room. Later, she, too, went to UVa and she was a sorority sister of mine. She could quote this whole book by heart and she did frequently when it rained. My friend Patrick died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and somehow this book has become part of our repertoire on that day. 

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You can find the cake pan here.