Catholic Embroidery Giveaway

It's Small Business Saturday and we are celebrating big here at In the Heart of my Home. I'm shining the spotlight on a new sponsor almost every waking hour today and offering you a chance to win with every post. I want you to get to know my kind sponsors and I think you'll be glad for the opportunity to do some Christmas shopping in these small shops. The giveaways will remain open until Tuesday at noon and then all the winners will be announced in the original posts.

I'm so pleased to introduce you to Mary at Catholic Embroidery. Her things are so lovely and her shop has grown into new artistic endeavors since last we heard from her! Let's get to know her a little better. Oh, and I'm especially delighted with her favorite Advent tradition:
How did your shop come to be? 
Our shop came to be in 2007, on a leap of faith and a lot of prayer. It started in a little basement corner of our family home, and now takes the shape of a finished office with plenty of boxes containing stock and open orders spilling out all over this lowest level. (My mom is extremely patient with the growing process, which has taken away much of her basement storage!) What started as a family endeavor to explore the sewing and designing talents of the oldest daughters in our family, has turned into a business where each item embroidered and sent from our shop takes the form of little blessings sent to thousands of souls around the world. Having just celebrated 6 years in-business, I can honestly say it is a leap of faith I'm very glad we took! 
What's the product you are most excited about in your shop right now?
We are very excited to introduce a new line of products this season, featuring our own exclusive Catholic Embroidery designs in Stationery form! To start this endeavor, we are offering sets of high-quality printed folded cards with three of our most popular designs: Agnus Dei, Ave Maria, and St. Therese's Roses. These "blank inside" notecards offer a world of possibilities for sentiment-sending occasions, where a touch of the Faith through art often goes further than words. A perfect Stocking Stuffer this Christmas!
What's your favorite Advent tradition? 
The Advent season is so rich with traditions our family has adopted over the years, it's hard to pick just one! The St. Andrew Novena and Kristkindle traditions are the first that come to mind... but the favorite of all would have to be the feast of St. Lucy. On the evening of St. Lucy's feastday, our family traditionally lights the "candles" waiting in each window, and Christmas lights on the tree and garlands around the house. The nutmeg-scented aroma of fresh St. Lucy buns finally take their form in the twisted, raisin garnished treats as the dinner dishes are put away and the rosary complete. Then, the family gathers together by an open fire and with tea and St. Lucy Buns abounding, we read about the life of this holy virgin and martyr to which we know as the Saint of Light. All in the glowing splendor of candle flames and Christmas lights - so beautifully prefiguring the light of Christ's coming to the world!
Any plans for your shop for the new year that you'd like to share?
The coming of 2014 will bring many new products and ideas from our family workshop. We are presently researching various forms of art and symbolisms in this history of the Church and are discussing, together with our team of talented design artists, plans for many new additions to our exclusive Design Gallery. These designs will be one-of-a-kind images to represent your favorite saints, (finally obliging your requests for a St. Philomena design!), inspiring Catholic motifs, and symbols of the liturgical seasons. These designs will be taking shape in the way of embroidered clothing such as hoodies, t-shirts, and more! To top it off, we'll be bringing these items to more of your local Catholic bookstores, so you can see them for yourself in-person. As always, "man proposes, God discloses" - so ultimately, we take the new year with His guidance in-mind and with excitement to see where He leads Catholic Embroidery in 2014.
[Elizabeth's Note: I'm so excited about this stationery. It's just lovely! But don't forget the embroidery! These aprons make such nice hostess gifts. A great way to kiss the cook who creates your holiday meal:-). ] Browse the offerings at Catholic Embroidery, come back to the combox and tell us what you liked best. You'll be entered to win:

 4 Agnus Dei Cards
     4 Ave Maria Cards
     4 St. Therese' Roses Cards