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We're huge fans of Give Bracelets here in the Foss household. I love, love, love to give these gifts. I'm fairly certain that every teacher one of my children has ever had owns at least one Give bracelet:-). Once you get to know Charlie and the story, you'll understand why we have such a  heart for this endeavor.

How did your shop come to be? It was in response to the promise I made to a boy at the first orphanage I visited in Indonesia on  the island of Bali. He asked me to “please not forget about them” after I left. Give Jewelry is my way of keeping that promise.


Is yours a family business? Yes. Even our kids get in on the action. Taping boxes, cutting the “1-1-1” cards and helping sort the new shipments of bracelets as they come in.


How do combine your work and your family life? We have a home office, so I rarely miss a meal with my wife and children. We we’re even blessed as a family by the time we were able to live near one of the orphanages in Indonesia. The lines between work, family and ministry were blurred to a point where they all seemed to combine and complement each other. There are such rich memories of living as a family in Indonesia, if we could figure out the financial logistics of moving our family back there, I would leave tonight.

  WBT10018 Rainbow Wrap Bracelet-White

What inspires you? Seeing people do what they were created to do inspires me. I believe one of the best gifts we can give to God is to simply answer the call He has given us. This almost always involves doing what fills us with joy. Careers have become such a focus in our culture, but even the most impressive career can be draining. VOCATIONS on the other hand… now THAT is a word that is EXCITING beyond measure.


What's the product you are most excited about in your shop right now? The bracelet of the month club by far. It is what provides for the needs of the children year round after the spike of Christmas gift buying. The feedback from the members of the bracelet of the month club has been outstanding. We get emails saying how much they look forward to getting their package in the mail each month. One mentioned how now matter what kind of day she is having, she can always look at her bracelet and be reminded of the difference she made.

  Cuff Bracelet 325

What's your favorite Advent tradition? Moving the 3 kings around the house! The kids love it! Each morning one of our 5 kids get to pick out a new location to put the 3 wise men from the manger scene. This daily reminds us to also seek out Christ and how we can bring “gifts” to Him by how we treat the people we meet throughout our day.


Any plans for your shop for the new year that you'd like to share? We are currently meeting with Sister Gratia who oversees 14 Franciscan orphanages in Indonesia. Our goal is to increase from the current 5 orphanages to fully supporting all 14. Originally we could not imagine supporting even one, but we have seen what happens each time one person shares with their friends and family.

Give Bracelets is giving away a one-year subscription to the Bracelet-of-the-Month Club! The winner will receive one new bracelet and month for a whole year, a $240 value.

 So, here's how to win:


o    Go to the site and choose your favorite bracelet and put a link back to the bracelet and a short description of it in the comments below.

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The Winner is  Laurel of the Muffin Dome. Laurel wrote: I LOVE the color of this bracelet! I tend to like simple jewelry, but I might add a few charms to it. :)

Laurel, please contact me with your snail mail address at intheheartofmyhome AT