Yarn Along

I'm knitting a Boyfriend Scarf out of Quince Puffin. It's my first time knitting with Quince. I'm allergic to wool, so this is kind of a leap (into Benadryl;-). I really wanted to make a special scarf and this seemed the perfect yarn choice. It's wonderful to knit. Now I understand all the fuss about wool. I can only work on it for short periods, so it's taking quite some time, but when it's finished, I plan to try to knit two more before Christmas! Ahem. Highly doubtful that will happen.

I'm reading A Grief Observed by C. S. Lewis. Mine doesn't look like the one pictured on the Amazon page, but that is the link I used to order. Actually, I'm listening to while I knit. I made it through the first 45 minutes or so, and had to step away for awhile. Definitely very intense reading. But Lewis is a master of making sense of the inexplicable. This book takes some time to seep in and then, it does begin to untangle some knots. I bought three copies of the book. Mary Beth is reading. I have one for Megan. Michael was waiting here the other day before I came home. The third copy was on the counter. I dashed in because I wanted to inscribe it for him. He'd already noticed it and was well into it before I'd arrived. Michael has long been a student of C. S. Lewis. It kind of breaks my heart that this book is so appropriate for him right now. And yet, it most certainly is. He's walking in the shadow of the valley of death. He's right there beside his friend, wrestling fears and doubt with him. He will emerge into the light just fine.

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