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Yesterday, inspired by Katherine's series peaceful photos and simple, but stirring words, I set out to try to capture the rhythm of our day. Maybe just a little bit, I set out to try to see if we had any rhythm in our days!

We do, sort of, though it does not feel nearly as peaceful to me as reading Katherine's does. I wonder, though, if that is because I actually lived our day and I just perused the frames of Katherine's. I wonder if she would look on my pictures and think much the same, only about me. It's one of those internet things, I suspect--one of those myriad of reasons that comparing robs us of joy.

Back to our day.

The morning is very rhythmic. I awaken first nearly every day. I begin with tea and then with quiet time. At some point, Sarah comes to join me. We've learned she absolutely must have this time. If perchance she awakens after anyone else but me, we have a meltdown until we find a way to create quiet morning snuggle time with Mommy. She is not kidding when she says she needs it. I hold her for awhile and then when she starts to stir, she turns to the Jesus Storybook Bible and I finish my own thoughts. Often, a similar scene is taking place upstairs with Mike and Karoline and every once in a blue moon, we trade pictures:-).

[Neither of the above snugle pictures are from yesterday--they're from a few days earlier. I feel compelled to tell you that in the spirit of authenticity.]

As each child awakens, they look to their own devotions. Then we begin to congregate for breakfast.

After breakfast, there are chores. I noticed I took no pictures of chores. Maybe another day...

Then, we "do school." I hate that phrase, but somehow it sticks. We begin together with a faith study and then each child disperses to his or her own plan. 

Lately, lunch has been a "Karoline and Katie Kreation." They are a bit obsessed with Honest Pretzels. We've had some excellent real life lessons in how important it is to read carefully and follow directions in order;-).

I've been experiencing a great deal of back pain this week, probably a combination of accumulated tension, a mild virus, and hormones. Stephen and Sarah have joined me to stretch out all the kinks upstairs while lunch is being "created" downstairs.

The afternoons usually settle into more "school," more chores, and a little sewing if I'm lucky. Dinner prep happens, too. I took pictures of Katie making fried rice, but I think they must be on the big camera. If we all pause while I go try to upload that, this post won't happen today. 

We scatter to dance and to soccer or to the gym, always to return home ravenous and in need of a substantial snack because dinner was early and everyone played hard.

I find it astonishing when mothers tell me that they go for days (weeks, even?) without bathing their children. Bath time is a highlight of the day here. We love baths! I hoard bath salts and oils like some women hoard chocolate bars. And my own time in the tub is a respite of which I am very find. One might even call it my one weakness;-)

After bath time, I read to the little girls in their room and then I snuggle Sarah to sleep. I usually slip out with Katie and Karoline still whispering in the dark. 

Last night, I heard them still whispering around 11:00. Karoline is usually the ringmaster of late night circuses, so we called her to our room.

"What in the world are you doing?"

"Oh, we have all our cookbooks out and we're making meal plans. Then, we will blog them on a new website. It's going to be awesome."


The morning found me looking into the availability of

Alas, it's already taken.