It's my Birthday and I have a present for you!




It's January! Time for a fresh start, a new devotional. Just a few minutes a day to Think. Pray. and set an intention to Act accordingly. 

Here's today's entry:


"It is above all in the home that, before ever a word is spoken, children should experience God's love in the love which surrounds them." ~ Blessed John Paul II



Dear sweet Lord, before I open my mouth to speak, help me to relax my shoulders and smile. Then, let whatever comes out of my mouth be an expression of your love.



How do your children experience God's love in your home? When we smile, our faces relflect the joy we have in knowing we are loved unconditionally by our benevolent Father.

Smile at your family today--often.


I have five copies of Small Steps for Catholic Moms to give to you today. I'd like to autograph them for you or for a special mom in your life. Would you give something to me? If you want a copy of the book, please leave a comment with your favorite inspirational quote-- a favorite Bible verse, a quote from a saint, something really great from C. S. Lewis. Tell me what speaks to your heart. 

Five winners will be announced on Monday:-).