Rooted and Grounded


Ephesians 3:140-19

Sometimes--oftentimes--when our children go out into the world, we wonder and worry and hope against hope that we've taught them enough. We think of all the lessons that went unsaid-- all the things we figured they just knew because they lived here--and we wish we had a few moments left to say them aloud, to make sure they really got it.

They say that having a child is like having a piece of your heart living apart from your body. It's true. And the more children, the more pieces. And the older they get, they further away for longer periods, that those pieces all live. 

And when that piece of your heart is broken, either by the foolishness of your precious child or because someone else has stepped upon it, then every Mama bone in your body asks, "Was it enough? What more could I have done or said or given?" 

God knew. He knew we'd ask those questions again and again. And He wraps us tightly in His reassurance and tells us clearly that children who are rooted and grounded in love, will comprehend God's boundless charity and be filled with the fulness of His grace. 

If that--if they will, eventually--have that, what more can they need? 

So we root them and we ground them in the love of Christ. They are raised in a family that has taken the name of Christ. Depsite everything that goes undone, unanswered, unswept, and unfolded, we spend each day to making sure that our children know that we love them and that God loves them, too. We give that love with our whole hearts and we trust that He can and will provide grace sufficient to overcome all our weaknesses and bring our children home to their Father.

At least that's what I tell myself a thousand times a day.